First Recordings 1993-1996

Lp Record, 
Poster, Postcard
Ed. 100

On Record


It is easy to become captivated by recording yourself. 

Easy to capture your voice or a noise you have made. 

Perhaps the noise is musical, perhaps it is just noise. 

Maybe you have saved answering machine messages or collected recordings of songs you have sung or taken photographs or painted pictures. Whatever the case, you have probably recorded yourself or have been recorded in some form. A photograph, audio or video tape, you have been documented. You are on record. 


Some people become enamored of such things, the impetus to document, the desire to record events. It is the accumulation of memories. To relay these frozen pieces of time and memory to another party constitutes art. No different than painting, sculpture or a photograph, it is an idea frozen in time presented and re-presented for future evaluation. 


Marefumi Komura is one of those afflicted with such impulses, the need to constantly record events with a brush, pen, camera or microphone. Zombies, Horror Dinner, and Danger Drama became the secret faces of his noise. This is the evidence of his seduction and sublimation to the recorded artifact, the indulgence of the recorder, the recorded. It is a memory of his invention, a sliver of his history and a snapshot of his fingertips. The LP you hold is a memory that you now possess. It becomes a piece of your history, a memory that you invent for yourself. 



J.H.Taylor (Climax Golden Twins)

August 2008








小村希史は、ブラシ、ペン、カメラ、マイクを片手に、日々記録せずにはいられない衝動を抱えている1人である。Zombies、Horror Dinner、Danger Dramaには、彼が持つ隠れたノイズの一面が潜んでいる。そこには彼の録音物に対する心酔と興奮の痕跡、また録音する事や録音物への喜びが存在する。彼の創意の記録であり、彼の歴史の一部であり、彼の指先の肖像でもある。そして今、あなたが手にしているレコードは、あなたが所有する記録となり、あなたの歴史の一部となり、あなた自身の記憶となる。