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Marefumi Komura 1 撮影.jpg

小村希史 1 から 抜粋


—ヴォルフガング・ミュラー (ディー・テートリッヒェ・ドーリス)



from Marefumi Komura 1 Excerpt
“Thoughts on Marefumi Komura’s Work”

~Disparate elements meet in Marefumi Komura’s paintings-outside and inside, before and after, reality and fiction. They coexist equally and simultaneously. The dissolution of hierarchies in these moments of synchronicity creates a force field wherein art speaks up spontaneously: West talks to East, inside to out, the hard and the soft, the abstract with the realistic, the ugly with the beautiful, the funny with the serious, the dilettante with the perfectionist, the living and the dead, the finite and the infinite.

—Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris)


Marefumi Komura 1 撮影2.jpg
Marefumi Komura 1 撮影3.jpg
Marefumi Komura 1 撮影4.jpg
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